Transport is one of the most neuralgic processes and a key activity in logistics integration, not because of its complexity, but because of the multiple numbers of variables that affect its execution. Transportation is a decisive process and a fundamental support for the supply and physical distribution of goods. To hire a delivery carrier it is necessary to be very clear about what is required as a client – reliability in services, delivery time, the best prices for delivery, service opportunity, proactive security, added values, and online monitoring and information.

How to select a provider?

Once you browse Shiply, one of the best platforms for searching affordable and professional transport providers, you get in touch with a few shipping carriers companies. Now it’s time to ask for online quotes. After analyzing the costs and company experience, you select the service provider that best suits your needs and budget.

Invitation Letter: This document must contain general information about my company, having figures, volumes and statistics of the process to be outsourced, be it air, sea or land.

Request for information: With the RFI, what you want is to know more in detail, relevant information about the invitees to quote, making the evaluation and qualification process simpler and faster.

Confidentiality agreement: It is a voluntary and optional commitment, signed between the parties, to guarantee the seriousness in the management of the shared information, for the purpose of analyzing the logistics project.

Request for Offer: It is the formal request that is sent to the suppliers that have passed the analysis phase of the information and capabilities presented in the RFI. Besides the quotation or prices of the services requested, the capacities that will help make the decision must be included according to creativity and innovation, specifications and volumes of the services to be contracted, required value-added services and times and dates for response.

The final step for hiring

As a final part of the hiring process, it is important to highlight in capital letters and bold the importance of developing a good contract, as a way to prevent very delicate future problems that can put your company in exhausting and costly situations. Within the contract, don’t forget to provide incentives to improve operation and productivity, sharing the benefits. Also, clearly detail obligations, expectations and solutions. When looking for an all-weather ally to transport merchandise it is important to analyze the company that provides this service. Entrepreneurs must bear in mind that before handing over the fruit of their work and effort to a third party.



Be sure to ask for the total cost of shipping your merchandise. Some companies of transport of merchandise give a price for the shipment of the merchandise and later add services for an additional cost. Always compare the total cost of the package you are shipping and request total prices and additional prices before shipping. Ask for a breakdown of all costs, including fuel, insurance, tracking, etc. It is very important that your transport company guarantees punctual delivery of the items to the agreed destination in good condition and at the agreed price. Choose a transport company that offers reliable and affordable services.