French bulldog is a kind of dog that is very suitable to be kept as a family pet, but everything has two sides. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of French bulldog. If the advantages are what you like and the disadvantages are acceptable to you, raise a Frenchie dog. French bulldog is originally from the France. Similar to the British bulldog, a French bulldog is less violent, but attentive to his master. He cannot accept isolation for much longer, as he loves your company.

Advantages of French Bulldogs: Suitable for urban breeding

French Bulldogs do not bark very much. This is suitable for breeding in some cities, and they will never be complained about by barking and harassing neighbors. Friendly French Bulldogs are kind and honest, especially for children. Generally speaking, the French bulldog will not attack people actively. If you have children in your family, the dog breed can be used as a reference object. Small exercises do not require regular exercise, and more often they are more willing to stay at home. But pay attention, it is recommended to take the dog out for a walk to achieve a certain amount of exercise, but avoid too intense.

Because the respiratory tract is short, and too intense exercise can easily lead to hypoxia in the dog. You can also do some simple interactive training in the process of walking exercise. When the dog is doing well, reward some training snacks in time, such as chicken jerky, dried French fries, etc., which can be used for training and teething and calcium supplementation. In appearance, many people like to use the word “ugly” to describe the method of fighting. It is of medium or small size, but because of this characteristic, it is as modest as it is really.

How to raise it?

The Frenchie has a small body and a short mouth, so it is relatively safer. Frenchie is very lively and cute. He likes to play with his master. But his endurance is not very good, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time with him every day to do a lot of exercises. Play with him for a while every day. French bulldog fights are generally more docile. They are very docile to people, and unlike other small dogs, they are more tolerant to children. One of the biggest advantages is that he is playful, cute and protective.