The foreign and commonwealth office draws up a comprehensive listing of countries that shouldn’t be travelled to quite regularly which is from our, along with other global travel cover providers’, underwriters choose which countries travel cover ought to be deliver to. We consider the government travel advice and choose from that whether we are able to provide insurance to vacationers.

Although global travel cover does, by its nature, cover a lot of the world, the present climate ensures there are certain areas where the probability of incident implies that United kingdom travel cover providers are not able to provide protection. Thankfully, their email list is obvious of nearly all popular holidaymaker destinations, and you are unlikely to possess your big holiday plans affected. Probably the most likely group to obtain their departure date altered through the foreign office’s travel advice are business vacationers.

The foreign office’s travel advice isn’t to go to the next countries, and sometimes it means losing business – the danger in the warzones the following is simply too great to help make the reward well worth the danger:

Here’s our top ten countries to prevent going to, and also the causes of our prime risk factor! The danger is way from conclusive (the foreign office’s travel advice lists a lot more countries), but in my experience, fundamental essentials ones that vacationers should avoid such as the plague:

10) Liberia

Economic difficulty in Liberia is presently making outbreaks of violence common, and people from other countries (especially westerners) are in risk targets because of their affluence. This extra probability of incident helps to ensure that no United kingdom travel cover provider would risk providing you cover if you opt to visit Liberia

9) Nepal

Periodic functions of terrorism and political violence in cities make Nepal off-limits for individuals who wish to get travel cover. In September this season, three nearly synchronised bombs discontinued within the capital of Kathmandu, killing 3 and injuring many innocent bystanders.


Haiti is recognized as not allowed to a lot of vacationers due to our prime chance of kidnappings and riots that’s prominent. During the time of writing, there has been 12 kidnappings of yankee vacationers in 2007 – mostly criminal anyway. Previously, these kidnappings are gone for good in physical and sexual assaults and shootings. The opportunity of spontaneous protests and demonstrations has additionally been recognized to lead to unpredicted violence, night or day. It’s no wonder that the government’s travel advice isn’t to visit here!


Because of the high amounts of terrorist activity in Yemen, westerners are encouraged to steer obvious of Yemen. If this isn’t possible, then all vacationers ought to stay vigilant and also to have a low profile to prevent attacks or kidnapping. Everything is so grave the US Embassy frequently restricts Americans from certain hotels, restaurants and shopping areas.