If you’re a crazy shopper, the biggest dream is to have a closet full of clothes and matching shoes. But every time you purchase trendy footwear, the first question comes to your mind is how to organize them? Isn’t it amazing when you see all your neon heels, leather boots, and pastel bellies are well-organized? For this, you just need a creative mind and proper shoe boxes. At the same time, it is possible that although you have organizers, you really struggle to organize them well. In that case, you must Read more [อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai] to know some clever hacks.

All you need is a transparent, stackable shoe racks

You have nearly twenty to thirty pairs of shoes. You do not find the right pair every time you want to match it with your outfits. It is a very common incidence if they’re not well organized. In that case, you first buy stackable shoe racks. These are so handy for people who remain busy with their daily workloads. Besides, it is simple to assemble, and you can place it at any corner. It does not occupy large spaces. Besides, when you choose the clean, transparent shoe rack, you can have your cake and eat it too. It will serve both the purpose of decor and organization. You can clearly see the pair and choose the right one without creating a big mess.

Go for quality one

You may find some affordable show organizers in the market. But, think before you buy it. A poor-quality shoe rack is no use to protect your leather shoes. You will see damages due to moisture, pest infestation, and spots after prolonged storage. Besides, they are not sturdy enough to hold all your shoes. Leather boots are heavier than snickers; your heels might have sharp edges. So, high-quality shoe boxes will help protect every type from dust and humidity.