One of the key aspects of a fine Scotch whiskey is its maturation period. There is a great deal of care taken to seal these blends in oak casks and stored away with clinical precision; the maturation period for these single malt Scotch whiskeys start from 12 years and go on up to 15 years and 18 years. The core period is always 12 years and no less. At present there is only one distillery that remains on the Black Isle region in Scotland which is a single malt distillery. Their produce is however only available for export to Southeast Asia.

The Finery Of A Singleton Scotch Whiskey

One of the finest blends of Scotch whiskey is the Singleton [ซิงเกิลตัน , which is the term in Thai]; a blend that has been matured for 12 years and no less and goes on to 15 and 18 years as well. This is perfection to the core as many would agree – the taste is rich whiskey which is also refined and full of flavours to relish. Putting a nose to the drink and then enjoying it slowly gives one the flavours of fruity nuttiness coupled with the sensations of vanilla and spicy woodiness. The sweet nutty and fruity flavours are all imparted from the oak and the sherry casks in which the whiskey is matured.

Of Fine Food With Exquisite Drinks

A single malt Scotch whiskey is more about quality and an art of blending than merely a drink; which is why you need to savour the taste delicately. There are certain food items and desserts that only enhance this fine tasting whiskey further to give a taste of heaven over dinner. Be it smoked salmon or Sushi, perfectly cooked steaks to apple pie and certain types of chocolates and of course, cheese – there is a great deal of focus equally paid to the platter that goes with fine Scotch whiskey.