It is that age old debate again, are you a DC fan or an avid Marvel stickler? Though the fight can get bloody, what you both can agree on is that your favourite comic book superheroes are a world of fun, and what better fun than to combine them with your other passion of online slots games?

As the world digitalises, slot games develop new and exciting themes, one of them that has become particularly prominent is the superhero slot game, so if you fancy yourself swinging through the streets as spiderman or taking down the Joker then you most certainly should play slot games with superhero themes!

What are the Best Superhero Slots?

Of course, this question has to be subjective: some of you are die hard Captain America fanatics, whereas others may fancy AntMan as your hero. But through our experienced eye, we believe that we have found the most fun superhero slots for you:

  • Superman – Now we know it may seem a little too obvious as our man from Planet Krypton saves the day once again, but with his laser eyes and magnificent cape, Clarke Kent themed slot games are always a whale of a time. Will they be your Kryptonite too?
  • Batman and Robin – Whether you remember the duo as a camp 60s TV show or as their true crime fighting collaboration, the batman and robin themed slot games always pull through the nostalgia and reminiscence to the old style of comics.
  • X – Men – A personally favourite of us here, but with a plethora of action heroes in the series, X-men themed slot games are consistently inventive and exciting. Will professor X or Storm guide you to the juicy jackpot?
  • Deadpool – Finally, one of those who you just cannot fail to mention. Deadpool, with his crude and hilarious fighting style and dialogue, can take you on a cityscape journey to bust up the bad guys and securing you the slots bonuses!

These are just a few of our favourite superhero slots, but if you prefer the Fantastic 4 or the Hulk then you will have no struggle trying to find their slot games online!

How do you Play Superhero Online Slots?

Finding superhero slot games is super-easy! No matter what your favourite superhero is, there will undoubtedly be the slot game destined for you online. Follow these simple steps to finding your favourite themed slot games:

  1. Search online for the theme of the game that you want to play; something like ‘Batman themed slots’ etc.
  2. Select the one that you like and either sign into an existing account or set up one by entering your personal and banking details.
  3. Check out the demo version to see if it is legit or jump straight in!
  4. Start pulling down that fateful slot leaver, with the help of Cat Woman of course, wish for the best and wait for those golden coins to start pilling into your bank!