Slot developers are creating more and more interesting games such as Fluffy Favourites no deposit. They have maximum trust in their creations and the demo play can prove that. In the demo version, a player can experience the slot without wagering any money. All features and settings are identical to the standard version but you will be playing with unlimited game credits and no possibility to cash out wins.

Demo play is one of the best tools that a slot player has. It can be very beneficial to play in demo mode before wagering money. In this article, we provide some arguments why you should always try slots in the demo version first.

Put the slot on a trial!

Many players would agree that playing slots is a kind of a blind gamble. The game is completely random and offers the possibility to win massive amounts of money. However, winning is not guaranteed and you are just as likely to incur some losses.

Every slot has a handful of parameters that inform the player about the kind of gamble they should expect with a particular slot. Variables like RTP, Variance and Hit Rate tell us about the frequency and likelihood of winning. Nevertheless, slots are primarily random, so these are theoretical values that might or might not be true in practice. That is why we need slots in demo play!

  • By playing the slot in demo mode, you are having a taster session all without risking a penny of your funds. This way, you can test out the slot and see how it performs. Then, if you are satisfied, you can play the same slot in the real money version with more conviction.

Play demo slots first to avoid disappointment

It isn’t uncommon for players to approach a slot game with hopes of winning and excitement. The sad truth is that you are not going to win every time when playing slots. The excitement can be clouded by low-paying gameplay, poor design or simply if the game doesn’t suit your taste/style. You could avoid these setbacks by playing a slot in the demo version first!

  • The demo version can serve as a type of insurance when playing slots. By playing a slot in demo mode, you can decide whether it’s the right choice before you spend money.

See slot games in a new light

For some people, wagering money is an essential part of playing slots. Generally, the element of risk gives the game some extra flavour and makes it more exciting. But not everyone wants to risk money when playing slots.

The latter category of people enjoys slots for the gameplay but not the betting aspect. They choose to play slots in the demo version rather than the real money version, which means they are playing slots risk-free.

If this is something you could get behind, then we highly recommend trying out slots in the demo version. Save yourself some money and avoid the frustration of losing, all the while you are enjoying the world-famous slot titles!


It is always recommended to try slots in the demo version first. It is a safer and more responsible way of enjoying slots. By playing in the demo first, you are having a free taster session that can help you make the right decisions. Maybe you will like it so much that you won’t see the need to wager money at all!

We wish you the best of luck in your casino adventures!