Most of us entertainment lovers have become addicts of watching various types of web series on digital and OTT platforms during the lockdown days. Covid forced us all to stay in our houses for months, and we started spending time doing various things at home. And when we were bored, we started watching various web series to entertain ourselves in those difficult lockdown days. 

Web series have started becoming very popular in the television industry as we witness new series releasing every few days. Aha is an OTT platform that has some amazing Indian web series in the Telugu language. Aha allows the audience to watch the web series online with their family and spend a quality time. 

Locked and Masti’s are two of the two Indian web series in Telugu. Both the series’ released in 2020 but are on the list of top Telugu web series online in 2021. 

Locked is a series that showcases the story of a neurosurgeon Dr. Anand, played by Satyadev. Dr. Anand is famous among his patients for the way he handles them. Dr. Anand is doing some kind of a research in the field of medical science. Things are going well until one day; two ladies attack him in his house. A series of chaos begins, and a shocking truth about Dr. Anand comes to light. 

The series is directed by Pradeep Deva Kumar and produced by Ram Ganesan, K.S. Madhubala and Shanmugam Raja. Samyukta, Sri Lakshmi, Abraham Verma, etc., is seen alongside Satyadev in Locked.

Masti’s is a story of a resto lounge bar club named Masti’s. This club is owned by a rich ad filmmaker Pranav, played by NavdeepPallapolu, and his wife, Gawri, played by BinduMadhavi. Pranav is a player and has various extramarital affairs. The manager of the club, Anand, played by Raja Chembolu, is in love with a waitress of the club named Lekha, played by ChandniChowdary.  The relationships are all cooked and sorted out throughout the series. Masti’s is directed by KrishJagarlamudi. One must have witnessed similar storylines in a Hindi or English web series, but with Masti’s, Krish and his team have set up a whole new look to the concept in Telugu. Kebab Patel and Akshara Gowda are the other leading stars in the series. 

What is the secret of Dr. Anand? What will happen if Gawri catches Pranav cheating on her? You might have these questions. To get answers to your questions, you will have to watch these web series online. Both the series are Aha originals, and you can watch them on the OTT platform. If you a fan of thrill and suspense, we promise that you won’t get bored while watching these series. In fact, you will be hooked to the screen to binge-watch all episodes one after the other. The talented star-cast of both shows will have you mesmerized.