A weak network signal can obstruct your day-to-day work. Poor network connectivity can lead to interrupted calls, slow videos, etc. This, in turn, causes a lot of stress in the daily activities of the business. That is when the signal booster devices come to your help.

The device improves cellular strength, and data speed to restore the quality of calls and accelerate the internet. In this article, we will learn the right ways to buy booster software to get maximum benefits from it.

Ensure that the devices fulfill your requirement

Boosters are programmed to transmit responses to a specific frequency. Some operators run on 2G/3G/4G technology or 4G/LTE. You need to check what type of signal frequency you want to amplify before you buy it. The right booster is the one that offers support for the operating frequency of your carrier.

If you wish to support over one frequency/carrier, then you should go for multi-band boosters.

  • dual-band boosters offer support for 2 frequency bands
  • tri-band boosters support 3 frequency bands,
  • quad-band support 4 frequency bands, and
  • quint band boosters support five frequency bands

Myamplifiers is a reputed company that provides effective 4G signal boost software. They offer complete signal booster (4G LTE) kits for the following situations:

  • home or small office
  • truck, vehicle, RV, boat
  • commercial buildings

Select The Right Antenna

You get signal boosters in various types such as Omni-directional outdoor antennas, panel-based, or dome indoor antennas. Outside antennas are ideal to capture the best quality and strength of the signal. Omnidirectional antennas are unidirectional antennas. They are appropriate at obtaining the best quality signal from a single carrier.

Panel antennas help amplify signals in a particular section of any place such as a study room, bedroom, conference room, etc. These types of antennas are mounted on a wall from where they transmit signals in the conical form.

Type Of Cable

Inferior quality cables can distort signals as well as bring about interference and noise in the signal. This can cause you to lose out on an inferior quality cable. Due to this reason, the cable has to be of the best quality to give you the best quality output.

Just like the cable quality, its length also matters in determining the extent of amplification you can obtain in the signal strength. Choose smaller length cables over longer length cables as the latter suffer from more loss and attenuation in the signal.

Map out the site before installing the device

Proper positioning of the booster is needed to get the maximum benefits out of it. Mark those places in your house where you get the strongest and weakest signal points. This knowledge will help you correctly position the booster.

Create a small map of the house and ensure that you include all the rooms. Use your phone to help you determine the weakest and strongest signal spots. Now mount the indoor antenna in that area.


To get the best benefits from the signal booster, you need to select the right one. Learning about the features and working of the device is extremely important to obtain high performance. The above tips will help you make the right selection based on the needs of the individual needs of people.