Marijuana edibles are becoming increasingly popular, offering a tasty and discreet way to consume THC. Unlike smoking, edibles provide a much different high that is longer, stronger, and slower to take effect. Understanding how edibles work their magic helps you have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Producing euphoria and relaxation 

The 11-hydroxy- thc edibles produced from edibles is a powerful psychoactive substance. After passing through the liver, it enters the bloodstream and readily crosses the blood-brain barrier.  Within the brain, 11-hydroxy-THC binds to CB1 receptors concentrated in certain areas. Activation of CB1 receptors is responsible for the characteristic effects users feel from THC like euphoria, relaxation, altered senses of time and perception, impaired body movement, and increased appetite. At higher doses, some people may experience anxiety or paranoia from edibles. However, most users find edibles provide deeply relaxing and euphoric effects. The high comes on smoothly, intensifies steadily, and lasts much longer than smoking.

Boosting recreational and medical uses

The distinct effects and duration of edibles make them appealing for both recreational and medical use. Recreationally, edibles provide a great way to unwind and de-stress for hours. The powerful high promotes euphoria and deep relaxation. Edibles also facilitate sensory and perception changes that make activities like listening to music, watching films, or being out in nature more enjoyable.  Medically, edibles help manage chronic pain, improve sleep, treat anxiety and PTSD, reduce inflammation, and increase appetite. The extended high works well for these uses, providing long-lasting relief when needed. Both recreationally and medically, proper dosing of edibles is key to having a positive experience and avoiding unwanted side effects.

Finding your ideal dose

Edibles affect each person differently based on factors like weight, metabolism, age, gender, and more. Tolerance also plays a major role in determining your ideal dose. Start low and increase slowly over time to find the right amount for you. For new users, 5-10 mg THC is a good starting dose. Wait at least 2 hours to monitor the effects before deciding if you want to consume more. For experienced users with a tolerance, doses of 50-100+ mg THC may produce the desired effects. However, excessive intake increases the risks of negative side effects. Only increase your amount slightly each time until you find your sweet spot. Using this gradual approach prevents you from having an unpleasant overconsumption experience.

Waiting patiently for effects

The delayed onset of edibles catches many users off guard, especially the first few times trying them. It takes 1-2 hours to feel anything, with peak effects hitting around 2-4 hours after ingesting. 

Be patient when waiting for edibles to kick in. Don’t make the rookie mistake of taking more prematurely. Overindulging in trying to speed up the process usually results in an uncomfortable over-intoxicated state once the edible fully hits. Distract yourself with music, videos, games, or conversations to make the time pass smoothly. The extended duration of edible highs makes it worth the wait.