To avoid the phone problem getting too hot, you can avoid a few things that make a lot of difference. For example, you can take some breaks during gameplay so that the device can “recover its shape.” The same goes when watching series and movies.

Another tip worth a lot is not to use your smartphone while it charges, especially for heavy tasks. Some other actions help to avoid heating up, such as keeping the operating system and apps up to date, not using too many apps simultaneously, and decreasing the screen brightness. Another option is to disable functions that you are not using, including apps that run in the background. Last but not least, avoid using your cell phone, especially heavily, in places with very high temperatures. Even leaving your phone indoors and in a hot place, like a car, can cause it to overheat. If it happens to damage due to overheat, take it to an expert such as for repair.

How To Cool The Cell Phone

If the problem is already happening and your phone is heating a lot and discharging fast, here are some tips. By cooling the phone, you can prevent the device from overheating. If the cell phone reaches a high temperature, close the applications, remove the protective cover (if it has one) and let it cool down. Under no circumstances place your cell phone in the fridge, freezer, or any place with a very low temperature, as the thermal shock will damage it. If you suspect a software problem, such as an application or operating system bug, search the internet to see if other people have had the same problem and how they resolved it. If it’s a virus, back up your files and reset them to factory settings. Also, see the step by step on how to remove the smartphone virus.

In addition to these tips, here there’s what to do when your cell phone gets too hot:

  • Take the device to a calm, ventilated place.
  • Decrease the screen refresh rate
  • If the cell phone heats up when charging, check if the charger or cable is faulty.
  • Clean up apps and files you’re not using.
  • Disable functions like Bluetooth, GPS, and others that you are not using
  • Reduce screen brightness