How do you make a pool appear nice while yet keeping it secure from all the drama that comes from below? Many people consider this but have no idea how to go about it: If you have a pool, you are probably aware of the four corners of the Earth; the water pool is positioned at the top of a hill and is encircled by six corners.

While four sides face the sea, one faces the sky, and the other three have walls that come from above- water seeps down from above and below at the same time, and it’s all joined together by an above-ground wall.

What makes a pool look and feel safe from all the dangers that lurk below?


This is where the four corners of the Earth come into play; the Earth is composed of four elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen, which are the basic elements that comprise matter in the universe.

So, if you look at the Earth’s four corners and five elements are involved, it’s very evident that something needs to be done. However, some of the components in a pool may not be good or required.

So, what are you going to do about the water pool in the middle of the hill that appears to be falling from the sky?


Why is it important for a pool to look good and be secure from harm?


The water Pool above ground is meant to protect the water from flowing toward the four corners of the Earth, but if you don’t clear it out frequently enough, the water pool will become even bigger than it already is, which is why a safe pool appears and business from above- so you should clean it at least once a month because if you don’t, the water pool will expand and become more harmful.

The pool’s bottom


The bottom of the pool is found just below the water level, so it’s in the area that’s below the waterline, and this is the most typical place to find the bottom of the pool- and if you don’t know where the bottom of the pool is, you should probably go visit a pool location and inquire.

What is the purpose of a water wall?


It is made of water and is also known as a concrete ground- it is a combination of concrete, dirt, and soil; the concrete is used to block the flow of the water, while the dirt or soil holds the water in place and prevents it from flowing into the pool and if you observe water barriers all the time, it could mean that the pool is getting deeper and more unsafe.

The wall’s crest

When flying above the ground, you can see the top of the wall is the waterline, where the water level is highest, and this is why you would usually see the tops of concrete walls: If there is a wall that is made of sand, it could be a sign that the water level has increased, or that the water flow is less than usual.

The above-ground common wall

This is a layer of earth above the waterline known as topsoil, and it is what gives the ground its shape; if you regularly see walls made of soil, you may notice that they are made of soil because the soil is higher in nutrients than the rest of the ground, and so if the topsoil is getting deeper and heavier, it is most likely due to the increased amount of organic matter in the soil.