The act of naming a star after a loved one is both extraordinary and romantic in its own right. After all, how many individuals get the opportunity to have their own star in the gorgeous night sky? Consider all of the wonderful events that would be made even more memorable as a result of that kind gesture: Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, Mother’s Day, birthdays, baptismal days, and even Christmas!


Where To Go In Order To Track Down That Elusive Star

Over the course of over three decades, the International Star Registry has earned a reputation as the most reputable organization in the world, having registered hundreds of thousands of individuals who want to be recognized by a star on the sky.

Celebrities are the most frequent customers, who seek for special star naming kits that are custom-made for each and every one of their followers. It’s no secret that Winona Ryder gave Johnny Depp his own star as a present, and Princess Di received two of her own as well. Price for each kit starts at fifty dollars, and they even provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied! But before you buy, you may be wondering how to buy a star? Read on to find out more.

According to the law, the star would not really belong to its purchaser. It is only via possession of the naming kit that it is possible to prove that a particular star was named after a specific individual. The custom kit includes a certificate created from a special parchment that clearly specifies the name of the person after whom the star was named, the day on which the star was named, as well as the exact coordinates of the star. The certificate is included with the custom kit.

In addition to the parchment, there is a sky map (12-by-16-inch) that pinpoints the star’s position in brilliant red; an astronomy book; and a letter congratulating the buyer on making this once-in-a-lifetime choice. After then, a book will be written on the newly-named star, which will be published and copyrighted. If the gift-giver prefers a more luxurious version of the certificate, they may choose from the deluxe and ultimate packages, which are also available.

Importance Of Star Registry

The name may be recognized by other organizations in addition to the International Star Registry once the certificate has been issued, but there is no assurance that this will happen after the certificate has been issued. In reality, no astronomical organization has ever made use of the names of stars that have been recorded at the ISR.

Technically speaking, they are not present to officially name stars. As one of the representatives from ISR pointed out, it is just the notion of having been named after a celebrity that is important, and the legality of the practice is not a huge worry for purchasers in this situation.

Also, since there is nothing illegal about what these internet companies are doing, there has been an increase in the number of companies with celebrity names that have sprung. Purchasing a star might seem like a difficult undertaking, but by visiting this website, you will be provided with all of the information you want on how to efficiently purchase a star.