It’s time to schedule cleaning with EXHAUST HOODS AND FANS Florida because another fire code inspection is almost approaching.

A commercial kitchen manager or operator is well aware of the responsibilities that go along with the job. As long as you are open to the public, you will pass inspection. Cleaning the kitchen exhaust system, on the other hand, has more advantages than you might expect.

A clean, well-organized, and safe commercial kitchen indicates to your clients and employees that you take full service seriously. As a business owner, you care about your customers and employees’ well-being.

Aside from the obvious benefit of complying, here are a few other advantages of having an EXHAUST HOODS AND FANS Florida performed.

Air Quality Improvements

The kitchen’s airflow is obstructed by dirty exhaust systems, preventing heat, odors, and smoke from being expelled. In addition to rising electricity costs, absenteeism due to illness is on the rise. When there is a lot of foot traffic, the kitchen suffers from a lack of workers, which has an effect on your sales.

Kitchen air contaminants spread and have an effect on food quality, staff morale, and health when there is not enough ventilation. These dangers can be avoided by thoroughly cleaning the kitchen exhaust system

Making sure there are no fires

A grease fire can start quickly if a buildup of grease is present. You don’t want a fire to start in your kitchen’s ventilation system. Grocery store smoke might build in the kitchen when the ventilation system isn’t kept clean. Depending on how high the temperature gets, the pile could catch fire and travel through the ventilation system. Grease is a fire hazard, so remove it.

Grease canisters are emptied on a regular basis, and all employees are instructed in proper wipe-down and disposal methods. When it comes to preparing for your commercial kitchen’s health and fire hazard inspection, configuring a kitchen exhaust system sanitation is essential. By doing so, you ensure everyone’s safety while still keeping the doors of your company open.

The filters in this system collect 98% of the grease in the system before it builds up in the ducts, preventing the fire from destroying everything you’ve labored over.

Better Movement of Air

So, you’ve seen a significant increase in your electricity bill, but you’re not sure why. Take a look at what you’ve got. Unmaintained equipment must work harder and consume more electricity in order to complete the task.

Grease is removed and increased airflow results in a more efficient kitchen and lower electric costs when the kitchen exhaust system is cleaned.

Long-lasting fan motors are highly desirable

If you don’t keep your exhaust system in good working order, you’ll have to pay a lot of money to have it fixed. Cleaning, replacement parts, or a complete system replacement may be required if you don’t fix the problem. Cleaning your exhaust system helps to keep your fan motor in good working order and reduces the frequency of exhaust system maintenance by 30%.