Editing images is quite different from processing, as it involves modifying elements of the original photo. It generates a new photograph, different from the original, and is widely used in advertising. It would be impossible to talk about all types of editing, as they are almost infinite. Still, the most used actions are changing the characteristics of a person or object, background, and adding or removing objects.

Changing The Characteristics Of A Person Or Object

It is one of the most common editions, especially in advertising. You may have noticed that in makeup magazines, when there is a sequence of images of lips with lipstick, they are often identical, changing only the color. This happens because the lip color was edited so that it was not necessary to photograph the same lips several times with different lipstick colors. The same happens in advertisements for hair dye, nail polish, and even cars.

Add Or Remove Objects

Image banks are stocked with various images of people pointing in a specific direction or posing as holding something. This way, the designer can easily insert some object into the scene without looking artificial. The opposite is also valid; in some cases, it is essential to remove objects out of context so that the images become perfect for the work.

Change Background

Photographers often use a bright green background so that different backgrounds can be inserted later. Imagine an advertisement for some refreshing drink, though, with a white background. It would have a much smaller impact on the audience than drinking in a desert, for example. Therefore, the purpose of changing the background is to simulate a different environment without necessarily needing to be in this specific location.

In general, we notice that image editing is incomplete without image processing or vice versa; that is, one complements the other. Often the designer will need to edit and treat an image to use it.

Know The Purpose Of Your Work

Before you even start your imaging work, you need to know what its purpose is. Some treatments and editions would not be interesting for a political advertisement, for example. However, skincare, hair care, and clothing for the models are essential if it’s an image for a fashion magazine. An editing and image processing job have infinite purposes, but the most common are advertising products and services, political advertising, press releases from large organizations, and souvenir albums.

Advertising Of Products And Services

If you are doing a job that involves editing a photo using software like in https://photolemur.com/ to promote a product, the most basic care with this image is adjusting white, hue, and brightness to make it more alive and attractive to the public. In addition, it is essential to check that there are no inappropriate reflections on the product and take care to remove any other objects around that may be taking the focus off the product itself.