More reliable data protection than a personal proxy has not yet been invented. The presented technology serves as a link between the computer and the Internet. Thus, the user hides traffic from prying eyes. By the way, the service offers personal proxies with high speed, smooth operation and support.


A personal proxy is an intermediary that is shared with only one person. This IP category is considered paid as every user would like to use it. Free IP addresses are provided to everyone, so they are not personal. On the contrary, they are probably considered public.

The main functions of personal proxies include:

  • the ability to close the true address and PC location;
  • the ability to expand your business by increasing the number of proxies;
  • ensuring reliable data protection from leaks and fraudsters.

In order not to run into unscrupulous people, you should buy personal proxies only in trusted places. Be sure to read reviews of such sites in advance. You should also read the information on the forums. Better yet, choose the recommended service. And only after collecting information, you can proceed to buying a proxy.

Main advantages:

  • The main advantage of personal proxies is that they have one owner. This fact affects other parameters of this address. The speed of this proxy is quite high, since users do not share it among themselves. Of course, stability in this case will be excellent.
  • These servers have anonymous traffic. Users are guaranteed the safety of personal information. Access can only be granted to the state security services. But if free proxy servers are used, available to everyone, security is out of the question.
  • A person does not need to worry about the fact that the previous user of the purchased address did something, for which they impose a ban on social networks. Thanks to a personal proxy, there will be no such problem. Accounts remain secure. And if there are still concerns about the security of social media accounts, then it is possible to acquire multiple IP addresses at the same time. They can be changed regularly. You also need to properly plan your personal activities in order to exclude a ban. And then everything will be fine.