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Well, to be honest, Ray-Ban is a brand and least likely to become obsolete against other emerging giants. The high degree of manufacturing precision with classy design and finishing makes Ray-Ban one of the most determined brands in the 21st century. The classic collection of Ray-Ban Aviators and Pilot-framed glasses are overcoming all odds to reach potential customers. And then you have Ray-Ban fanatics who will stop at nothing to buy the next pair of Ray-Ban glasses.

It is true that Ray-Ban has a lot of the fight to do it alone in terms of design and technological supremacy but brands like Gucci, Versace, SmartBuyGlasses are constantly surviving alongside Ray-Ban. For the new summer of 2021, Ray-Ban is not the only player on the market. The best summer collection has got numerous players in it and each vies for the market share.

It is also true that Ray-Ban is losing its market share as well as the market domination with other brands playing a vital role to reach prospects. Then there is a list of features that sets apart Ray-Ban. Generally, they have evolved to cover a wide set of features like blue light block, multifocal lenses, clip-ons, and a plethora of frame shapes to suit different face shapes.

5 Best Brands from SmartBuyGlasses Including Ray-Ban That Are A Big Sensation In UK

With emerging technology and acceptance of digital interfaces and payment, glasses have been able to serve their respective wearers with ease. But buying glasses can be a complex affair and hence, SmartBuyGlasses have launched a dedicated tool to offer stunning results.

If you are having trouble buying glasses that properly fit your face structure, then the Virtual Try-On tool (VTO) will remove all your worries with its ability to record a selfie video and analyse it to showcase your face like a mirror. It helps you to virtually try over 80,000 models, including hundreds of fashionable affordable frames from the SmartBuy Collection.

You can try these 5 trending glasses in the UK with the VTO tool and get the best out of it.

1. Persol PO3007V 24

Trending hot for almost a decade, this Persol model delivers beauty, fashion, and a brand new personality always. They have suitable designs to match every event and official purpose. With optical hinges, they are highly flexible and can outmatch even Ray-Ban. The ultra-lightweight acetate frames are an additional benefit to generate a striking persona of yours.


Get a dynamic personality with this Prada model that is highly genuine and possesses an oval frame shape for women who love authenticity, style, and unbreakable features. The Prada Triangle model is not only limited to durability but also holds anti-glare and anti-reflective properties i.e. gifted with the power to give clear and sharper vision.

3. SmartBuy Collection Kensington AC32B

Are you hesitant about buying expensive ones? With quality lenses, design, and superior finishing, the full-rimmed SmartBuy Kensington model is one of a kind. The hypoallergenic acetate frames offer not only durability but also protection against potential crashes or falls. Prices in this collection start from as little as £6!

4. Arise Collective Nafplion S10-B16 PT20065

Thinking about buying sunglasses? Then you must definitely take a peek at this beautiful Arise Nafplion model. This Arise model is made with the finest and durable plastic frames and on top of that, it is also designed with an advanced coating to elevate UV protection.

5. Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin Polarized 622/T3

Making customers happy since 2015, this Ray-Ban model bears a strong plastic frame and gradient lens to deliver a thrilling vision. The curved temples offer excellent grip on your face while they are quite light-weighted and compact in nature.

Experts observed that glasses from SmartBuy Collection enjoy momentous appreciation from the customers but the main theme of SmartBuyGlasses is to provide a quality and comfortable eyewear solution that comes with a best price guarantee, 24-month warranty and a 100-day return policy.