Almost Always There Is TWO SIDES Towards The STORY!

I have been a clinical traveler for several years now and also have had numerous occasions to examine a lot of Local Travel Agency internet sites. Many of them contain some form of Q & A piece that explains the way they work and just what they provide. I have discovered that the data given, while accurate, is extremely incomplete.

The majority of what I have discovered the medical travel industry continues to be learned with the proverbial School of Hard Knocks. It happened in my experience lately to create articles that expanded around the usual information given on medical travel websites, articles that presented (as Paul Harvey accustomed to say) the “Remaining Story.”

And thus…let’s begin!


Local Travel Agency: On their own internet sites Travel Companies usually condition an income range they offer with respect to the kind of position, your specialization as well as your experience.

Remaining Story: What you’re initially offered for any travel assignment is generally and not the a premium price that’s available for your assignment. Most travelers just accept what they’re offered believing the “deal may be the deal” for your particular assignment. I did previously do this too… not any longer!

You especially limit your odds of obtaining the best salary for the assignments if you opt to register with simply one travel agent. When you accomplish that, you allow away all leverage to barter for much better pay. I’m always registered with multiple travel companies in order to compare several potential assignments at the same time and negotiate to find the best total packages.

There are many other “pitfalls” with regards to obtaining the most compensation for the travel job. For instance, it behooves you to definitely clarify the stipulations for receiving certain kinds of bonuses and regardless of whether you must work exclusively for just one company to earn individuals bonuses. Again, should you work with just one company, you might unknowingly forfeit greater compensation in other parts of your benefit package to ensure that the organization to provide individuals bonuses, by which situation they are able to hardly be known as an added bonus.