8 Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Windows 11/10 PCComputer cleaner is considered the best program to get rid of viruses in a pc system. A virus is an unnessaccary and harmful program that can enter any computer system due to various reasons. The internet is one of the main reasons for viruses to enter a pc because the user downloads multiple files through the internet all the time. While this happens, some unnecessary files might get downloaded to the pc system too. Hence one must install a computer cleaner to save their computer from getting affected by the viruses entering the computer system. 


computer cleaner also known as a CCleaner was developed by a tech company called Piriform in 2007. It is mainly installed in a computer to delete all the unwanted files and invalid data from your computer system. It optimizes the system and frees up space in the hard disk of the computer. After using it, the computer starts working more smoothly and does not glitch at all. It can be installed in any operating system Microsoft Windows, Android, and ios. It was introduced only for Microsoft windows but other versions were introduced later. 


What Are The Results Obtained After Using The Computer Cleaner? 


The computer cleaner optimizes your computer system but does not turn it into a new one. It speeds up your computer and frees up enough space but does not renew the RAM (Random Access Memory). It will run some maintenance tasks and organize the files properly so, the pc will work better than it did before. It will back up the computing power so the programs will run smoothly and without any obstacles. Also, you won’t face any lags or glitches on your pc. Hence one must not expect anything more than this from a computer cleaner. 


For example, if the original RAM of your computer system is 8 GB and the used RAM is 7 GB then the computer cleaner can free up the space up to 5 GB after the cleaning. Cleaning the pc will result in freeing up a lot of space for later use. You won’t have to increase the RAM of your computer. Also, the strain on the RAM will be reduced after using the computer cleaner that addresses the problems of background program usage. The same change can be seen in the hard disk after using the computer clean which brings multiple benefits to your computer system. 


If your hard disk is 60 percent fragmented before then it will only be 15 percent fragment after the computer cleaner acts on it. If you demand better results from the computer cleaner then your only solution is to maintain consistency. The user must install and activate these clean-ups more often. So they act on the problems more regularly and can remove all the unnecessary data and corrupted files at once. Also, the virus is removed from the computer system from time to time and it does not spread completely on the computer.