Flower subscription or flower delivery membership is recurring shipments of flower arrangements, which are delivered to the customer’s doorstep regularly. A popular gift idea for the person who has everything, flower subscriptions can be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bi-monthly but sometimes this membership has one-time deliveries for some companies. The use of flowers in our home’s events and outdoor activities can not be overemphasized as it makes the home feel welcoming fresh and Utilizing a flower subscription can be a great way to bring new life into your home. The timeframe for your Flower Subscription is dependent on you as many platforms offer different packages at different rates, therefore, when ordering through a flower subscription service you have the option to receive your flowers by the month or at more frequent intervals. Shopping is amazing as it allows for more family bonding but when time is of the essence, flower delivery membership becomes an alternative.

Flowerbx Delivery Membership

When you talk about elegance,  Flowerbx should be in your mind. With this platform, you will get single-flower bouquets, bunches of tulips, clusters of lilacs, for arrangements that will make it look like you have your garden. Just like UrbanStems delivery membership, Flowerbx offers three tiers of subscriptions, the Tulip membership plan that goes for $70 per delivery, the Classic membership plan that offers you roses, peonies at $90 per delivery, and the Premium membership that offers cut orchids, delphiniums, and Cala lilies at $145.

BloomsyBox Delivery Membership

BloomsyBox is flowers Houston TX known as a farm-to-table flower membership service that offers a weekly, biweekly, and monthly delivery service. Their membership plan includes Bloomsy Original membership plan that costs about  $45 per month, the Bloomsy Deluxe membership plan that cost $50 per month, Bloomsy Premium membership plan that cost  $55 per month, NYBG Collection membership plan that cost $70 per month, Bloomsy Rose subscription plan that cost about $50 per month.

Urbanstems Delivery Membership

For Urbanstems wedding florist Houston TX, they have three membership plans, the UrbanStems Classic, the UrbanStems Seasonal, and UrbanStems Luxe plans, all with costing that varies by cost per bouquet with adjustable frequencies for weekly, biweekly, or monthly and delivery of 3, 6, 9, or 12 deliveries per interval and offer flower delivery membership. One unique thing about this platform is that you won’t know the exact that will arrive but should be assured that will get the most in-season bouquet. For the Seasonal plan,  you will be offered $85-$120 for $75 and the Luxe plan is $120-$190 for $100. The first two plans offer a vase only with your first delivery while Luxe bouquets come with a unique vase each time. Generally, all the 3 membership plan gets you a $55-$72 bouquet for $50.

Bouqs Delivery Membership

Bouqs floral service offers you a delivery membership that partners with eco-friendly growers globally to deliver farm-to-table bouquets directly to the doorstep. They give you the best as their Floral arrangements are made from fresh-cut flowers shipped from the farms to a local florist to be designed. The Bouqs delivery membership starts from the regular shipments plan, which includes an original plan, a deluxe plan, and a grand plan which costs about $40 to $65. This delivery can be made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly.

Other Flower Delivery Membership include Enjoy Flowers, ProFlowers, Farmgirl Flowers, The Sill, etc.