The days of plastic shopping bags that were used once in a single-use are long gone. These bags were the staple of every store across the country. The plastic bag tax was implemented in 2015. Since then, there has been a 90% decrease in plastic bags. Both shoppers and retailers have started to invest in eco-friendly and reusable bags. We’ll be discussing the practical, environmental, and economic benefits that reusable shopping bags can bring to you and your customers in the remainder of this blog.
A bag’s primary purpose is to be useful. Shopping bags are designed to carry our shopping safely, whether we are shopping at the grocery store or window shopping at our favorite retail outlet. Reusable shopping bags have many practical advantages.
First, eco-friendly and Wholesale Insulated Shopping Bags offer your customers a stronger and more durable solution to the traditional plastic bag. They won’t tear if they catch on anything and are stronger than plastic bags so it’s less likely that your shopping bag will burst.
Reusable bags are often made from cotton and have ergonomic handles that allow you to carry your bag with ease, regardless of its weight.
Although they are usually larger than disposable plastic bags, reusable bags can be easily folded and will take up less space in the homes of your customers than the 50 plastic bags that they keep in a drawer or cupboard.
A well-designed, eco-friendly reusable bag can be a fashionable accessory for customers if it has a fun logo.
The plastic bag tax increased both the retail and consumer costs of plastic bags, making it more attractive to buy reusable bags.
An average person will use 13,000 plastic bags in their lifetime. With a 5p fee, this is more than a PS650 plastic bag spend.
The average reusable bag costs between 50p and PS1 but lasts for around 500 bags. This means that you can pass on as little as PS624 savings to your customers. Even if they purchased a new reusable bag for every 500 games of PS1, it would only cost them PS26 over their entire lives.
Why is this important? Customers are always looking for ways to save money, so if you can show them how significant these cost savings can be, it will make them happy.

The environmental impact is the biggest benefit of switching to reusable bags. In this age of social media, where any negative incident can spread quickly across the internet and damage your business’ reputation, it is important to do everything you can to help the environment.
Plastic rubbish kills millions of animals every year, from birds to fish.
Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to decay, which means they can have a long-lasting impact on the environment.
These eco-friendly bags can be made from a variety of biodegradable materials, such as canvas or jute.
These are some great reasons to use reusable bags that are both eco-friendly and beneficial for your company and customers. Browse our complete range of reusable bags and eco-friendly bags to find the right solution for your business.