A shoulder holster, also known as a gun holster is a type of case with thongs that are placed over the shoulder which contains a handgun. Shoulder holsters help to conceal handguns under jackets and similar clothing. Normally, shoulder holsters are designed for carrying guns easily. Shoulder holsters come in handy if handguns are used frequently.

Why Should You Prefer Shoulder Holsters?

Shoulder holsters are great cases for carrying handguns. Here are some of the top reasons why you must use a shoulder holster for your gun.

  1. Shoulder Holsters Provide Quick Access To Guns

When one is sitting in a car with a seatbelt on, quick access to the handgun is provided by a shoulder holster. When being trapped or tied to the seatbelt in a car, access to a waist holster is almost impossible. However, in the same situation, the guns from the shoulder holsters are easily and speedily accessible.

Due to this benefit, shoulder holsters are worn heavily by those individuals who work and drive in motor vehicles like pilots, car and truck drivers, racers, etc. Shoulder holsters are also worn by security guards and body guardians. Such shoulder holsters are advantageous for people working at desks as well.

  1. Shoulder Holsters Are Perfect For The Cold Seasons

During the cold seasons, too many layers of garments can reduce your speed. Due to this reason, the hidden carrying of handguns becomes difficult. This is not an issue with shoulder holsters. Typically, a shoulder holster is worn on the upper layer of the garments. This enables an individual to quickly grab their gun even during the cold weather. As compared to the holsters worn on belts, shoulder holsters are advisable for cold seasons. As belts worn on the waists do not provide quick access to the weapon.

  1. Shoulder Holsters Are Perfect For Long-Barrelled Arms

As we all know, shoulder holsters are ideal for handguns and small weapons. However, shoulder holsters are widely used for carrying long-barrelled arms as well. Long-barrelled arms, machine guns, rifles, etc are easily carried and concealed in shoulder holsters. Shoulder holsters paired with trench coats and thick jackets are the best for attaining complete concealment.

  1. Shoulder Holsters Evenly Divides the Mass Of The Gun

If you are carrying a heavy gun, it is recommended to wear a shoulder holster. A shoulder holster evenly divides the mass of the gun across the shoulders. This eliminates the need for a belt for carrying the gun. People suffering from backaches are advised to use shoulder rigs. Since shoulder holsters carry long-barrelled arms as well, the mass of these huge arms that weigh enormously is equally divided by the shoulder holsters.

This Brings Us To

Shoulder holsters are great for any kind of handgun. They provide quick access to the weapon and good support to the back. If you are looking for holsters that can carry heavy arms by equally distributing their mass, a shoulder holster is worth giving a try.