Instagram is widely loved by everyone globally due to its variety in the number of features. Although it’s various usages is also one of the most persuasive reasons for the increase in its users. We cannot deny the fact that the story, archive, highlight traits that are incredibly tempting to the operators. Its features know every application and its users continue to increase based on the editing quality and effort in developing those features. Some of the best known and recently added features of Instagram are listed below:

  1. Funky stickers: An application with amazing features with equally appealing labels is hard to find, but Instagram fulfills this quality as well. The stickers are available when we upload any story; more than 100 stickers are present there to use having several slangs. These stickers have changed the whole view we used to see Instagram by adding GIFYs to it.
  2. Two accounts: A single user can now operate more than one account at one time. He can log in to both accounts and switch them according to the usage. By tapping on the lower left option, and clicking on the upper right corner of the screen, you can find your current logged-in profile ‘name. Tap on that name, and a list of recorded in accounts will open. Choose any one account that you need to use at that time. You can choose to stay logged in or log out after use accordingly with no hassle.
  3. Notifications: The users can now get notified when someone from their ‘following’ list posts a video, story, or go live. But this feature needs to be turned on by going on the person’s profile, whose notifications you want to get every time they post anything and click on the option of ‘turn on post notifications.’ It will list three options separately of either you need to turn on the notifications regarding posts, stories, IGTV, etc. it will help increase the reach of that account. Posting good content is the key to get your notifications turned on by the followers.
  4. Get verified: If any user wants to get his account verified, then it is now possible to get the blue tick at the end of your name. It is possible by submitting your essential virtual documents such as identity proof, residential proof, and photo identity, with Instagram and wait for getting verified. One can also buy real Instagram followers readily after getting that blue badge. Nobody yet knows on what basis Instagram authority accepts or rejects your requests. Still, it is necessary to firstly, eliminate any privacy from the posts and contents from your profile.
  5. Incognito mode: Now, you do not have any compulsion of using Instagram at night with a light screen pressure on your sensitive eyes. Instagram has launched dark mode to operate it efficiently at night without any extra friction on your eyes and brain. It keeps the background or base screen black when you turn on the dark mode. And obviously, you can exit that mode as per your comfort level.