When a customer walks by or walks into your hotel or store, the first thing they would notice would be the doormat like restaurant floor mats. So to make a good impression, your entrance mat needs to be completely custom-made.

  • For visibility above all: with a custom doormat, you can include your company logo and slogan. And according to your convenience, you can even put a fully personalized welcome message on it. Very important for your visibility, the presence of this information on your entrance mat could increase your brand image.
  • Each store front has its own dimensions: generally conventional doormats are offered with standard dimensions. As a result, it would either be too small or it would be too big for the front of your hotel, store or restaurant. On the other hand, if you opt for a custom doormat, you can make personalized measurements.
  • We have more choices on colors: apart from personalization and size, color also plays a very big role. Therefore, if you do not go for a personalized doormat, you will be hard pressed to find the color that would suit your sign best.

The Choice Of Materials For Your Entrance Mat

The Custom-Made Coconut Rugs

Coconut fiber is one of the first materials used to make doormats. And until today, this material remains the most popular. Very versatile, a custom-made coconut doormat is very robust because it is weather resistant. It can also better adhere to a personalization such as the addition of a logo or text. However, the only climax with coconut fiber doormats is that it does not offer the prerogative to choose between various colors.

Polypropylene Doormat

More modern, this material is very flexible in terms of size and thickness. Can be equipped with a scraping strip and an aluminum structure, it is very effective in removing dirt left by shoes. Besides stores and restaurants therefore, its use would also be useful for a warehouse.

Polyamide Entrance Mat

Very elaborate polymer, it can also be used for the manufacture of doormats. Its greatest advantages are mainly the ease of cleaning and the possibility of having an unlimited choice of color.

Where To Buy The Ideal Doormat For Your Needs?

To get a custom doormat, it is best to go to a specialized store or place orders online. However, well before your purchase, think carefully about the design and dimensions of your custom-made doormat. You can also ask the manufacturer to integrate your personalized logo on your doormat to make it even more unique.